We are University College Dublin’s Games society, which just about sums it up: we host, run, organise, encourage and/or assist in the practice of all types of games.

From tabletop roleplaying games and live action roleplaying games to card games, from video games to boardgames and wargames, Gamesoc has something for you. In addition, we have run a number of special events, such as the Assassins campus-wide manhunt game, Paintball, and last but by no means least UCD’s very own annual Gaming Convention, Vaticon!

You’ll find us generally hanging around the same spot: the seating area near the “Blob”, a rather dubious looking statue of surprisingly small stature, itself located near the BC Staircase in the Newman Building (aka the Arts Block).

So feel free to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, come say hello on our Forums, and drop by the Blob and say hi any day of the week.

You’ll see, there’s always gaming going on…